Qixeo aims to simplify client workflow and payments for photographers

Qixeo announces its web-based platform focused on streamlining client workflow and payments for photographers and their clients.

Professional photographers face numerous challenges in managing their post-production pipeline, including coordinating with clients, tracking projects, and managing payments. Qixeo's web-based app includes centralized communication, notifications, and project tracking, allowing photographers to manage their post-production pipeline more efficiently.

The app's features include real-time communication, asset versioning, feedback and proofing, and a portal where clients can manage their team, pay for jobs, and download files. Additionally, Qixeo's built-in payments enable photographers to sign up to accept payments and automate digital downloads through the platform's shopping cart.

We understand the challenges that photographers face in managing their client workflow," said Paul Peterson, founder of Qixeo. "We originally built the app to automate booking, communication, payments, and digital delivery for our own product photography studio. However, we quickly realized we could make it available to other photographers who face similar challenges to ours.

Qixeo has an intuitive interface for both clients and administrators to privately and securely manage their projects. Additionally, there's the ability to make any project public and shareable with anyone, without requiring an account. This means that if you're a surf photographer who's captured some killer shots, you can simply share a public link with the surfer, who can then purchase and download their photos instantly.

Users can start with a Personal plan and upgrade to a paid tier based on needs such as storage and multi-user features. It is available for users to sign up at https://qixeo.com.